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Distribution and Ho.Re.Ca, contact commercial office (+34) 677 579 536
Distribution and Ho.Re.Ca, contact commercial office (+34) 677 579 536


Lombardy is the fourth Italian region by extension, but it is the first by number of inhabitants: one sixth of the entire population lives here. It has a very varied geography: it stretches from the Alps in the north to the Apennines in the south-west, largely occupying the Po Valley. The region is characterized by a great variety of production sectors and, despite having a strong industrial and tertiary vocation Milan, Bergamo and Brescia are some examples, it is not secondary to other important regions for wine production.vinos.
The influence of its rich and turbulent history has also marked the evolution of wine: Germans, French, Spanish and Austrians. The vineyard is divided intothree large areas:
To the north, Valtellinaand its impressive terraces at the foot of the Alps next to the Swiss border, highlights the Chiavennasca Nebbiolo grape varietyo)
In the center-eastthe vineyards follow one another from Bergamo to Lake Iseo(Franciacorta) and Garda.
To the southwest, near Pavia,Oltrepò Pavese with its red and sparkling wines and the south-east Lambrusco Mantovano areae)
The climate can be described ascontinental with Mediterranean influence near lakes(Lake Iseo to Franciacorta and Lake Garda. Valtellina: alpine climate.

Franciacorta DOCG, Together with Trento DOC it is the most prestigious and quality area for the production of Classic method sparkling wines. Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Blanc of different types are used:

  • Franciacorta: 18 months aging on lees
  • Franciacorta Rosé24 months aging on lees min 25 Pinot Neroro)
  • Franciacorta Saten24 months aging on blanc de blanc lees. Just brutut
  • Millesimato 30 months of aging on lees
  • Riserva60 months of aging on lees


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