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Distribution and Ho.Re.Ca, contact commercial office (+34) 677 579 536
Distribution and Ho.Re.Ca, contact commercial office (+34) 677 579 536


Piedmont is identified almost exclusively by itsexcellent red wines, but excellent sparkling and white wines are also produced in this region. Piemonte's role was fundamental to the development of modern Italian oenology. This is where the extraordinary revolution that brought Italy to the pinnacle of high-quality production began.

With some exceptions, Piedmontese wines are monovarietal, that is, produced with a single grape. In Piedmont, theearly examples of area zoning18th century winemakingI), defining concepts such as terroir and cru: a specific wine is produced exclusively with grapes from a single vineyard or plot whose name appears on the label.

The queen grape of Piemonte is the Nebbiolo , a red variety with high tannins that needs years of aging to be rounded. With the Nebbiolo grape the 2 great wines of Piemonte are produced, the Barbaresco and the Barolo , wines produced in two confining areas of 700 ha the first and 1700 ha the second, structured wines, from cherry to tile depending on their aging relatively clear, elegant and very complex in aromas, red fruit, undergrowth, mushrooms, smoky notes and spicy. The most planted grape in Piemonte isa Barbera , A grape that until a few decades ago was considered suitable only for the production of mass-consumption wines, but which has recently achieved great results, thanks to greater care in the vineyard and in winemaking, with great aging potential. There are many varieties of this region, of the white ones we mention the Cortese Gavi and the Arneis Roero. Among the international the Chardonnay.nay.


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