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Distribution and Ho.Re.Ca, contact commercial office (+34) 677 579 536


Gently sweet and aromatic, white and impenetrable to light, milk is the raw material for the elaboration of a wide variety of cheeses, with aromas and flavors only hinted at or with great characteristics.

The light or intense gustatory-olfactory persistence creates a wide range of sensory combinations that can be combined with almost all types of wine that, depending on the cheese, should balance, attenuate or reactivate its characteristics.

The goal of a good pairing is to complement flavors, textures and smells .

Try to make cheese and wine have a similar intensity. In general, the more structured the cheese, the more body the wine must have, in short, it must be able not only to enhance its aromas but also to balance its flavor.

Over time, the cheeses lose water and this causes the fats to concentrate and the flavors to become stronger. These characteristics combine very well with mature wines, which develop deep aromas and an enveloping body. While the freshness and delicacy of a young cheese ask the wine for lightness and fragrance.

There are several theories about pairing, one does not generally advise combining cheeses with red wines because the fatty proteins of the cheese cancel out the aromas of the red wine and, for their part, these tannins do the same with the flavor of the cheese. For us, by our customs and traditions, we pair cured cheeses also with reds, this shows that the theory of pairing is always subject to our personal taste and what we have seen our parents and grandparents do.

To make your life easier we choose 5 cheeses that are easily found in Spanish stores to pair with 5 Italian wines .

Brie e Camembert : Aromaticity, unctuousness and sweet tendency require a fresh and tasty wine with a rich olfactory bouquet like aVerdicchio or aPecorino Offida.

Gorgonzola e Roquefort : strong aromaticity, bitter tendency, flavor and succulence are contrasted with the smoothness, sweetness and alcohol that we find in aGewurztraminer dell'Alto Adige or aPassito di Pantelleria sweet.

Manchego cheese: Slightly acidic, strong and tasty flavor that becomes spicy in highly aged cheeses. We would look for reds with medium intensity aging, aSangiovese di Toscana, aMontepulciano d'Abruzzo or why not, a Prosecco di Valdobbiane .

Burrata: aSicilian Chardonnay, capable of enhancing the freshness of the burrata supporting the taste with an acid vein. To the north, theRoero arneis Piedmontese is a perfect match

Parmigiano Reggiano : Succulent, with an incisive aromaticity and great structure, we accompany it with a red wine with a good alcohol content, structure and a rich olfactory intensity with aSangiovese di Romagna, aFranciacorta Brut, aRibolla Gialla from Friuli. Cured for more than 36 months with aBarbera d'Asti, aRosso di Montalcino, Up toBarolo, Or aAmarone della Valpolicella



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